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Download the FPRO™ app from App Store or Google Play. Fill your Skill Card with information and use the CODE to unlock the trainings. Roll out the Ball Mastery Mat on the ground. Start training!

Unlock FPRO™️ Ball Mastery Mat trainings with: 

Order number - 4 digit number can be found within confirmation e-mail or on a packing slip.

Verification code - unique code which can be found on an instruction card inside FPRO™️ Ball Mastery Mat package.

FPRO™ Ball Mastery Mat program is created by the professional skills coaches. It includes all fundamental football technique skills and drills. With the help of the lines and numbers on the mat players can learn and understand drills more quickly and efficiently.

Ball Mastery Mat - high quality, long-lasting and friction resistant;

Traveling bag - you can carry your mat anywhere you like;

Free FPRO™ app - for tracking your performance on a Skill Card and all the drills that you need to improve your football technique;

50+ trainings - every video is high quality and simple for players to understand the drills;

3 levels - despite the level of the player, everyone should find the drills that will fit their level;