FPRO™ Ball Mastery Sticker (customized)

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Customize FPRO™ Ball Mastery Sticker with a logo, graphic design or text you want!

  • Easy to install, using the guidance video;
  • You will find 9 different levels of trainings provided in a video format;
  • Both installation and the trainings can be accessed by the QR codes which will be on the card that comes with a package;
  • Also you can find all videos on FPRO youtube channel;
  • The sticker is easy to use because of the lines and the numbers given;
  • It is meant to be placed at home so you can train no matter the outside weather conditions;
  • The main purpose is to master the isolated moves, get confidence and transfer all of that to game like situations later on.
  • Size: 87x63cm

Buying 30 pieces or more customization is free of charge.